Weaknesses (ON-TOPIC) (for once)

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Tue Oct 31 01:16:38 EST 2000

>Then there's Cat.  What precisely is Cat's weakness?  (I'm playing a
>little dumb in this post, btw--I'm not really quite this bad)  
>Is it the
>matches?  They don't function in the same way that 
>Chrestomanci's silver
>allergy does.  As near as I can tell, they don't really do much of
>anything except kill Cat when they're lit and reflect his life
>status--they don't protect his lives (until Chrestomanci locks 
>them away),
>they don't affect his magic. 

>From what I can remember (it's been too long since I read _Charmed Life_)
it was definitely implied that the matches were the weakness.  I've just
been thinking about why.  

I think it's because they have trapped his lives in a form where killing him
is as easy as lighting a match.  Whenever Christopher got killed it had to
be physically - his lives weren't in a form anyone could get at.  Anyone who
had the matches had a hold over him.

Also it might have been that having the lives in the matches allowed
Gwendolyn to use Cat's magic?  I can't remember precisely.  I know she used
one of the lives when she put them in the matches which had the side effect
of giving Cat cramps.


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