Weaknesses (ON-TOPIC) (for once)

M Elizabeth Parks meparks at mtholyoke.edu
Tue Oct 31 00:54:43 EST 2000

I've been thinking some about the weaknesses of nine-lifed
enchanters.  There seems to me to be some discrepancy between Cat and
Chrestomanci (I just can't think of him as Christopher for some
reason.  It's always either Chrestomanci or Clistoffer--you know, what the
mermaids call him.)  Obviously, Chrestomanci's weakness is silver.  In the
book after his first day at Dr. Pawson's, he tells his father that silver
stops him doing magic, and his father says that he had cast spells to make
silver netrual to him--instead it neutralizes him.  There's a place in I
think Charmed Life (I can't find it) where someone says that all
nine-lifed enchanters have a weakness.  So if Chrestomanci's father hadn't
cast that spell, would he have had a weakness?  Should he maybe have
another one--the one he was born with, that goes along with having nine
lives, and the one his father gave him.
Then there's Cat.  What precisely is Cat's weakness?  (I'm playing a
little dumb in this post, btw--I'm not really quite this bad)  Is it the
matches?  They don't function in the same way that Chrestomanci's silver
allergy does.  As near as I can tell, they don't really do much of
anything except kill Cat when they're lit and reflect his life
status--they don't protect his lives (until Chrestomanci locks them away),
they don't affect his magic.  The other weakness I can see him having is
his right hand--it sort of neutralizes his magic (he can't turn the
handcuff into a bird until he uses his left hand) but it also can't kill
Okay, people, so write back and tell me where I'm wrong.

(hehe.  I was on topic).

happy halloween! ( i assume that nobody on this list will be offended by


Just watch me--I will become the God of Death once again.  But right
now. . . I need some sleep.

		--Duo Maxwell, "Gundam Wing"

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