Robert Jordan -- a cast of thousands in search of an ending?

Ven ven at
Sat Oct 28 20:35:04 EDT 2000

I've become a bit disenchanted with the Wheel of Time series or , 
at any rate, with the apparent reluctance, or whatever it is, of 
Robert Jordan to finish the damn thing. Eight books and the huge 
cast of characters are still chasing each other over the landscape 
without coming within sniffing distance of a conclusion..".  Pretty 
soon the characters will have all the plot coupons and no address 
to send them to........ As my friend Big Martin says "Has Jordan 
lost the plot? Literally.". 

That aside Jordan has created a pleasingly diverse fantasy land . 
He's put thought into the creation of his villains as well as his 
heroes (ie the Whitecloaks, who mostly think they are motivated 
by good),. And its a cracking good read. 


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