Amber Spyglass

Tanaqui tweaver at
Sat Oct 28 10:10:01 EDT 2000

+ I saw your name and wondered how many Tanaquis there could be. What an
+ honour.

Indeed it is! As far as I know, there is only one "Tanaqui Weaver" using
credit cards and writing cheques. There's a Tanaqui Meyer who's one year
old (going on two), because Tom and Shona thought that would be delightful
(and DWJ does too). I get occasional indecipherable emails from Tan-Tanaqui's
little flailing fingers.

There's a Tanaqui Meyerhof somewhere on the www. Also, I got the occasional
puzzled "I think this email is for you" forward from tanaqui at who
used to post in the crafts/textiles newsgroups, but she's fallen strangely
silent of late.

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