[Re: Amber Spyglass] + Neil Gaiman

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Fri Oct 27 05:39:42 EDT 2000

Sarah Imholt:
+ I SAW THAT!!! and was totally going to ask you, but chickened out.  That is
+ hilarious and very cool!  Anything you can comment on?

Well, those of us in the UK got to see Philip Pullman in his Shed of Stories
on Channel 4 News. He said his daemon would probably be a scruffy bird - a
magpie (and looking at the masks and sketches in the Shed, this sort of fits)
or possibly a rook. Oh, yes, and they filmed his manuscript slapping down onto
his desk in slo-mo. It was all written longhand on a Very Specific sort of 
paper: blue left margin of X width, greyish feint lines of a certain gauge,
two holes punched in it, A4. He only writes on this particular spec. of paper
- it's even in his official FAQ - and he ran out of the stuff partway through
a necessary major rewriting of _The Amber Spyglass_. It's Mike Froggatt (the
first-named Paper Supplier) who found the stuff: I was just the delivery girl.
So, I don't actually deserve credit in the Book.  

Into the Shed it went. PP located a source later, and bought an enormous stash.
I don't know why it has to have two holes, because the c4 clip showed very
clearly that he files by stapling it together in standard little bunches. 
Perhaps it's linked to the margin's width (and you can understand why it would
have to be constant if you stack'n'staple manuscripts).

Corvid daemons: I think Neil Gaiman would understand!
+ I also had the very lucky opportunity to hear Neil Gaiman do a whole mess of
+ readings at his Last Angel Tour to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. 

Oh, yes, I must get back to him about a very lovely story he sent me for some
unknown reason. If only he still lived in the UK. Some of we Oxford fans went 
to be extras in _Neverwhere_, after he moved to the US, and I think that's the
last time I saw him in person. I show up very nicely in the BBC shots for the
_Radio Times_, but I think you'd be lucky to glimpse my boots passing in the
crowd around Hammersmith in the actual episode (the Market on HMS Belfast). 
Casting gave Reuben, with his beautiful bony ethereal face, a fencing mask. He
lost it, so he's the only London Below person with a cleanish face... he had to
improvise his grubbiness while the rest of us were made up like that. And the
girl in the translucent mac to show off her extensive tattoos was cold to the
bone, so I wrapped her in my cape.

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