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Thu Oct 26 20:18:22 EDT 2000

+ > Dorian, I hope you don't mind my asking--but is Dorian Gray really your
+ > name?
+ It all depends on how you define "real".  It is not the name on my birth
+ certificate, or my passport, or my bank accounts...  

Which means precisely nothing. It's your use-name, and if you lived in the UK
there would be nothing to stop you nominating that as a second bank card holder
on whatever your birth-name accounts are. I don't know what the law is in Eire,
and I know that American law is very twitchy about aliases, but in the UK you 
can call yourself whatever you like as long as it isn't for the purpose of 
fraud. How many IDs does Howard Marks have again?

I know someone who always pays his dinner bills with the Zaphod Beeblebrox
credit card he got issued as the Second Card-Holder's Card.

+ When I can afford it, I will make it legal.

How many mechanisms does Eire have for this? In the UK, announcement in the
national press will do (can one count email propagation lists?) for a change
of name.

Oh, and verification by JP, deed poll, Act of Parliament (!) &c


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