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Kyra said...

> I like the Fortress in the Doors series- that's another way of
> conceptualising universe travel- rather than a wild/formless Place that is
> between worlds, with a metaphor of "wandering", you step through
> a Door/Gate straight into another world,

David Eddings also uses this idea in his latest, "The Redemption of
Althalus"; the Goddess has a house in which there are doors opening to just
about anywhere you want to go (it's implied that some might take you to
other worlds, but the characters stick to their home world).  The characters
come up with a useful way of keeping their armies on (their) schedule; the
armies are brought into the house and march about its corridors (without, of
course knowing it) until they're ready to have the army arrive at the war,
at which point the army marches through the appropriate door to where it's
supposed to be.  Rather fun.

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