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Books with multiverses:
Diane Duane has them in both the Wizardry series and the Door series, and
I like those multiverses, with fun stuff like evil NYC and Timeheart in
the former.

Oh, yeah- I was thinking that the Wizardry ones just let you get to other
places in this universe, forgetting the evil NYC, the dinosaurs, the time
travel... Cool, anyway. Does the Grand Central Switching place (with all the
aliens) count as a Place Between?
I like the Fortress in the Doors series- that's another way of
conceptualising universe travel- rather than a wild/formless Place that is
between worlds, with a metaphor of "wandering", you step through a Door/Gate
straight into another world, with a metaphor of "a way opening". (Like the
wardrobe in the Narnia books, rather than the Wood Between the Worlds! Or
like the black-down knob on the door of Howl's Castle.) 
Dwj also has Chrestomanci just being pulled straight to another world if
he's called, or Janet being pulled in to replace Gwendolen. If you rub a
lamp for a djinn, are you calling it out of its world?
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