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Thu Oct 26 04:50:14 EDT 2000

Philip wrote:
While we're on the subject, I have (or have read) Chase the Morning, Gates
Noon and Cloud Castles. [By Michael Scott Rohan] Any more titles in this
series to look out for?

Maxie's Demon is set a couple of years after Cloud Castles, with a different
main character (a car thief!). It's as good as the others but has a slightly
different "feel" to it- reflecting the different personality of the
protagonist, I think.

>Multiverses, since you mention the Spiral in that context, are another
>interesting idea to explore.  
Fairy stories can either be "fairies are in our world, but hidden" or "there
is a gate to a fairy world", so they can be multiverses or not.
Are multiverses mostly a fantasy thing, to get you to a "magic" place while
still acknowleging that ours isn't? 
I can think of Red Dwarf, having an Ace Rimmer dimension, but not offhand of
any other scifictional multiverses. (500 messages will now prove me wrong.)
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