Year of the Griffin NO spoilers

Rowena Macrae-Gibson rowena.macrae-gibson at
Wed Oct 25 11:54:11 EDT 2000

Well I finally tracked down a copy of YotG on Sunday, in Blackwells on the 
Charing Cross Road, having already checked in several other shops.
One problem may be that although the jacket design is similar to that 
of Dark Lord, the actual size of the book is different. It's much larger 
than an ordinary paperback (so at least it isn't teeny-weeny print), so it 
doesn't necessarily fit on the same shelf as the other SF stuff. Funny how 
Blackwells always manage to get DWJ's name correct in the SF section, BUT 
file her 'childrens' books under W. I got a paperback copy of Mixed Magics 
as well, but until I double checked under W I was afraid that they didn't 
have any of her books! As I have a double-barrelled surname, I know that 
compound names confuse some people.

No spoilers, but I have read YotG. Hurrah!
You'd think that moving to London would make it easier to get to good 
bookshops, but my new place of work (Uxbridge) and home (Harrow) are not 
blessed with good bookshops in the way that Exeter was. Ho Hum.

Just to change topic, I realised why the new Chrestomanci covers look so 
odd to me. It's because the artist is the same person that does the (comic) 
illustrations that accompany the Times Restaurant review (either sat or 
sun, I can't remember), that always used to be written by the wonderful 
Jonathan Meades.

And just to add to the names thread (rather than posting 3 separate 
emails), I've posted before about this, but Archer's Goon has both my 
brother and sisters names, whilst Hexwood has my Grandmother's maiden name 
(Scudamore). But I'm enough of the opinion stated in Power of Three 
(knowing names grants power etc) to go mad if I see anyone else with *my* 


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