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Wed Oct 25 05:57:55 EDT 2000

Everything's o.k. with the "Where are you?" (not that I would have
expected something else from this list :-)

Just  a small correction to this What's your name?

>Literally, "Was ist dein Name?" (familiar) ::. that should be "Wie ist
dein Name?"

>or "Was ist Ihren Name?" (formal). ::: and that's "Wie ist Ihr Name?"
(without the "n")
but that doesn't really matter, because

>But commonly, you would ask "How are you called?" - "Wie heisst
>du?" (familiar) or "Wie heissen Sie?" (formal)

Exactly. Ich bin beeindruckt. (I'm impressed.)

BTW, the Sie und du (formal/informal) was very good described with
"first-name-basis". (Only that with older people it takes much longer to
come to a first name basis than in english speaking countries). Adults
(who don't know each other well) use the polite Sie, children (and
university students among each others, and people working in enterprises
with modern low hierarchies ;-) the du.

you know, although I'm a native speaker, the "how" and "what" had me
confused for a moment... But I'm reasonably sure you wouldn't say
"was"... hm... quite sure...

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