Places in Between

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Wed Oct 25 05:34:09 EDT 2000

Philip wrote:
Jack Chalker describes it as a "sea" in the Dancing Gods series.  This makes
sense, but is not very interesting IMHO.
Any more Places Between, in DWJ and elsewhere?

I like the Spiral, in Michael Scott Rohan's (6?) books- that's accessed by
crossroads, or sea, or air- places where people have been going in different
directions for a long time, or where all directions could lead anywhere-
they can become gateways to an "outer" world, the Spiral, of which our
nonmagical world is the Core. It gets stranger the "further" you go. Close
to our world are places very like it but where magic does work- where the
myths came from. (It's implied that time isn't as fixed as it is here, so
you might bump into Odysseus). 
In the Amber books by Zelazny, the Amberites move by changing the world
around themselvs so it matches the place they are thinking of, which is sort
of world travel without a Place Between- or rather, all the places between
start and destination are "real" as well. 
I remember a Sea of Dreams from somewhere- is that the Chalker one?
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