Amaya Booker amaya at whatever.net.au
Wed Oct 25 05:14:08 EDT 2000

DWJ is getting easier to find in Brisbane actually, one of the bookshops I
go to regularly has been getting a lot of the new Harper Collins printings
in.... but here's the amusing bit.

I walked in one day and checked the shelves... saw no DWJ where it usually
is and cursed. I was walking around the shop and spotted the Chrestomanci
books... I thought "this is odd" and found they'd suddenly tripled their
stock of DWJ but moved it... to be with the Harry Potter books.

I know a lot of people have been saying "oh now harry potter's big DWJ will
make a comeback" but I didn't believe it. So now I finally own a copy of
Tale of Time City ... and couldn't be happier.



There's no justice.

There's just us.

amaya at whatever.net.au

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