YOG wee bittie spoilers and names again

Ven ven at vvcrane.junglelink.co.uk
Tue Oct 24 20:32:46 EDT 2000

I've got it and I've read it! many smiley faces and some of lols. 
Especially the rant about education. I'm still thinking and I may just 
have to read it all over again so I've not got much to say yet. But I 
will say I think Ruskin is a grand name considering.

Some more RP names. I had a winged person who went by the 
nickname of Lark because he was always up for one. A current 
favourite is Massaccio Saracini (Massachio). He's a Sienese 
nobleman, Saracini is a real family name from the Siena nobility, 
Massaccio is from Tomaso and means Mad Tom, its the name of a 
painter. Nobles can get away with poncy names of course, I mean 
its realistic -- not that the other players don't take the piss. I had 
one in a Star Wars game called Tristram Mark Alexander 
Djadiningrat van de Leeow (the last two belonging to real 
aforementioned people). Real aristos have sillier names than you 
could make up -- Lord Dunsany was a Drax Plunket, and longer, 
like archaeologist General Augustus Lane Fox Pitt Rivers and a 
whole pack of people who repeat Tollemache two three or four 
times in the course of their names. Go back to the Monty Python 
election results sketch, its all true, they might as well be called 
Ole Ptang Ptang Biscuit Barrel.

You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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