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Becca asked...

> Dear German-speakers:
> I'm doing a project for history, and I need just a small wee bit of help.
> (I don't trust Babelfish.)
> Does "Wo ist sie?" mean "where are you"?

No.  It means "where is she?".  If you wanted to say "Where are you?", you
would say "Wo bist du?" (familiar) or "Wo sind Sie?" (formal).

> How do you say "What's your name"?

Literally, "Was ist dein Name?" (familiar) or "Was ist Ihren Name?"
(formal).  But commonly, you would ask "How are you called?" - "Wie heisst
du?" (familiar) or "Wie heissen Sie?" (formal)
> That's all. Thank you so very very very much.

You're welcome. :-)

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