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Tue Oct 24 14:49:33 EDT 2000

Gili wrote:
I was *supposed* to be on time for my birthday (Oct. 19)

Happy belated birthday, Gili. And to you too Ros.  Mine was the 18th!

Tarja wrote:
before are given name days. I remember as a child, that your name day was
almost like another birthday: you were given gifts, there possibly a cake,
you could invite friends etc.

One of my favorite kid's books is called _The Golden Name Day_, by Jennie
Lind, about a girl who goes to stay with her (I think) Swedish
grandparents and she spends the whole book trying to get a "name day"
because her name (Nancy) doesn't have its own day.  Nice book.

Sallyo wrote, quoting me:
>character of _Grasshopper_ is Clodagh--any ideas on how one would
>pronounce that?

I think it's pronounced Cloe - dah and I would have said "Live" for Liv -
no question!

"Clo-dah" makes sense, given that they call her "Clo" sometimes in the

And Kyla wrote, about "Liv"
"leave" is the traditional way to pronounce it. I know someone named Liv
who says it that way. The actress Liv Ullmann, who is Norwegian, also
pronounces it "leave," and it's a complete name in and of itself. I never
thought of it as a nickname for Olivia, but that would make sense for the
pronunciation with the short "i."

Well, I've been pronouncing her name wrong for all my life.  You learn
somehting new every day :)


Has the Year of the Griffin discussion started yet?  Do we have a date for
the start?

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