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Elise wrote: [much snipping]
 Recently I've been reading all sorts of things about shamanism in the
Classical world, its intersection with pre-Socratic philosophy, Oracles,
hero shrines, home shrines - this, that and the other.   
   This reminded me of their home shrines in Spellcoats and the Holy Islands
shrines in DA.  I do suspect, particularly in Spellcoats, that she was
playing with ideas of demigods and how that would all work.
And speaking of The Place Between, the people who staffed shrines and
whatnot were supposed to be, according to the this, that and other I'm
reading, able to spirit travel, which is what qualified them for the jobs of
facilitators and intermediaries of contact between the folks Over There and
the people here.  Who knew the ideas would knit up with DWJ themes that
 Another thing in Winged Pharaoh which turns up in Deep Secret is the idea
of Sacred Kingship and the ruler as a sort of active symbol (not simply as a
passive representation) of the values and order of the otherworld (truth,
morality, love, courage) here.  Sounds great if it would work.
Does anyone else on the list like to read about some of the above things
I've mentioned?  I always feel out in left field when I bring these things

Oh, yes, fascinated by them. I don't read up on things in a disciplined way
but if I see a book on ancient beliefs I tend to pick it up. That's one of
the things I like about this list- all sorts of interesting snippets come
up- and they often tie up with dwj!
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