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Adrienne Jones.  I hate her and I've never read a single book of
hers.  It's just that her books, and the ones of the next Jones down the
list (Secrets of a Summer Spy, Germy Blew It Again--or something to that
effect) mean that there's no more DWJ on the shelf.  Same with Gwenyth
Jones.  Robert Jordan some too--though I'm not so against him.  I've got
similar hate lists for each and every one of "my" authors.



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> Subject: Robert Jordan and Re: RPG names
> >I tend to make jokes when I play characters.
> Me too, although slightly more obvious... Jennet Enblith Lynn, being one
> for those of you who have tried to figure out Dalemarkian (Daughter of
> Thomas Lynn and the Queen of Fairies)...Her boyfriend was WIlliam Green,
> And her mother's agents included Fay L. Thompson...Okay, not that creative,
> but amusing when playing with people who don't know Fairie.  For D&D I tend
> to blander, my current character, Liriodendra, was randomly picked from an
> Audobon book of Latin names for plants... BTW how do people feel about
> Robert Jordan, everyone I know likes him, except those people whom I know
> that like DWJ, who seem to uniformly hate him, because when you see a
> Jordan book, that means there are no more of her books.  Is this a
> universal trend?
> 	-EM
> Rebecca D.  Ganetzky
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