Robert Jordan and Re: RPG names

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzky at
Mon Oct 23 22:57:04 EDT 2000

>I tend to make jokes when I play characters.
Me too, although slightly more obvious... Jennet Enblith Lynn, being one
for those of you who have tried to figure out Dalemarkian (Daughter of
Thomas Lynn and the Queen of Fairies)...Her boyfriend was WIlliam Green,
And her mother's agents included Fay L. Thompson...Okay, not that creative,
but amusing when playing with people who don't know Fairie.  For D&D I tend
to blander, my current character, Liriodendra, was randomly picked from an
Audobon book of Latin names for plants... BTW how do people feel about
Robert Jordan, everyone I know likes him, except those people whom I know
that like DWJ, who seem to uniformly hate him, because when you see a
Jordan book, that means there are no more of her books.  Is this a
universal trend?

Rebecca D.  Ganetzky

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