Tannahill Weavers (back on-topic)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Oct 23 12:27:46 EDT 2000

>This goes a way back, and I cannot recall who recommended them, but I spent
>tonight at a Tannahill Weavers concert and it was awesome!  I brought two
>friends along--kinda forced as a birthday gift, but they came--and they loved
>it also.

>I also bought their new CD, Alchemy, and got it signed.  I'm far too happy to
>go to sleep!  (In addition, I finished THE AMBER SPYGLASS last night and am
>still feeling repercussions.)  The whole theater was clapping and stomping.
>It was a small venue, which made it even nicer.
>So a big THANK YOU! to whoever it was recommended the group!

Great!!  I wouldn't go so far as to say I _recommended_ Tannahill Weavers,
but when Elise said Dead Can Dance felt like DWJ music to her, I said that
the Unicorn Set on TW's Capernaum felt very Cart & Cwidderish to me.

I'll have to look for Alchemy.  I would be too chicken to make a musical
recommendation cold, but if you like TW, Becca and I both think you _might_
want to check out Altan or Capercaillie.  (I think you can hear both on the
Green Linnet site.)


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