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> character of _Grasshopper_ is Clodagh--any ideas on how one would
> pronounce that?  
I'd assume the "gh" is silent--they tend to be. Not sure about the vowel
sounds, though.

> And there's also a character in the book called "Liv,"
> which in my head I thought of as pronounced as "Live" as in the expression
> "Live and let live." Bu then a character in the book specifically
> mentioned that her name was pronounced like that, which led me to think
> that it wasn't the natural way to pronounce it.  I suppose there's the
> pronounciation "leave" too, but since I think of the name as a shorter
> version of Olivia, that didn't occur to me.  The character is Swedish, if
> that makes a difference for the pronunciation.
"leave" is the traditional way to pronounce it. I know someone named Liv
who says it that way. The actress Liv Ullmann, who is Norwegian, also
pronounces it "leave," and it's a complete name in and of itself. I never
thought of it as a nickname for Olivia, but that would make sense for the
pronunciation with the short "i."

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