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Mon Oct 23 10:34:53 EDT 2000

In a weird coinhcidence with our "names" discussion, I read an excellent
book this weekend which had two unusual names in it, and I thought I'd ask
about them.  The book was _Grasshopper_, by Barbara Vine, a terrific
British author who also writes under the name Ruth Rendell.  The main
character of _Grasshopper_ is Clodagh--any ideas on how one would
pronounce that?  And there's also a character in the book called "Liv,"
which in my head I thought of as pronounced as "Live" as in the expression
"Live and let live." Bu then a character in the book specifically
mentioned that her name was pronounced like that, which led me to think
that it wasn't the natural way to pronounce it.  I suppose there's the
pronounciation "leave" too, but since I think of the name as a shorter
version of Olivia, that didn't occur to me.  The character is Swedish, if
that makes a difference for the pronunciation.

The book, by the way was excellent (despite what the reviews say on, as are all her books, my particular
favorite being _Asta's book_ (which is called _Anna's book_ here in the
USA; why do publishers make odd changes like that?) Anyway, if you like
psychological mysteries and twisty plots that don't come out like you
think they would, try a Barbara Vine book.  She's great.


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