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Sat Oct 21 17:30:48 EDT 2000

Courtney said...
> Wow, I'm going to have to pass on all of these inventive naming schemes to
> our DM- the hardest part of generating a nw player character or running
> into a new significant non-player character is coming up with a name, for
> us.  Our dungeon master isn't very good at it, and neither are the rest of
> us.  We have a baby name book, but somehow "Ivan" seems a little prosaic
> for a kobold or a gold dragon.  We use a random consonant generator, but
> that only sort of works, even with vowels inserted where appropriate... :)
Oh, if you can find "The Guinness Book of Names" (not sure if it's still in
print), grab it!  Sections on first names, surnames, placenames,
streetnames, foreign names...the works!  It is *so* good.

My other favourite method of finding names for fantasy settings is to go
through the index of an atlas.  Lots of cool-sounding stuff in there!

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