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> Is is a Scandinavian thing to have names on the calendars?

Unfortunately, I really don't know whether other countries do that or not
(luckily others anwered about that =)). As long as I remember, Finland has
had names in the calendar. The list of names is changes every now and then,
old-fashioned names are removed and newer names that haven't been there
before are given name days. I remember as a child, that your name day was
almost like another birthday: you were given gifts, there possibly a cake,
you could invite friends etc.

> one of my favorite Swedish names is Kaisa, and if a Swede
> saw my name without hearing it, he or she would pronounce it
> "shee-la," which means something like "chilly."

Actually, Kaisa is a Finnish name. The pronounciation problem is similar to
mine, when English speaking people try to say it. Most often it is something
close enough to Tarzan... When speaking/writing/whatever it would probably
get pronounced fairly close to the correct pronunciation if I spelled it


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