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Amaya Booker amaya at
Fri Oct 20 12:03:08 EDT 2000

Well... how new I don't actually know... but new to me, and I'm in love.

There's a small series (currently in 5 books) called "A Series of
Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket... these have to be *the* most
beautifully printed books I have seen in a long time... and they're cute
stories too. They're the stories of the lives of the unluckiest children
alive the Beaudelaires, and tell their tales of woe.

I highly recommend them, and for anyone fond of typesetting and beautiful
layout you will love these (this is why I originally picked up the first
book) as they're printed all in hardback in but in paper back format, have
delightful illustrations and beautiful inside covers (with printed on
bookplates to match the covers!) and printed on what appears to be fine
quality handmade paper.

They're printed by Harpers children's and Lemony Snicket has a webpage at:
He has a twisted sense of humour and appears to be a bit of an "eccentric"
but I have a new literary love, and so all is fine.



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