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E. Self:
+ My last name, Self, is quite weird, and ripe for plenty of lame jokes

... but at least you're not called Will Self - even more mockable. I wonder
if he used "Will" himself, or if everyone else shortened William for him?

+ Elizabeth Self
+ Who would prefer to be Tanaqui

It is very beautiful. It's such a shame the Etruscan civilisation fell over
and the name died with it (while Tarquin lived on). Somewhere in my 
multifarious files is a scrap of very early Latin which mentions a Tanaqui
(rather than the more common Tanaquil or Tanaquill). The author Juliet E.
McKenna wanted to use it in a book until I explained about _The Spellcoats_
being *much* more known in SF circles than the dead Etruscans. Or even the
Tanaquil in Spenser's _The Faerie Queene_. I wonder if DWJ did that consciously
- certainly the names in _Hexwood_ can't be Spenserian coincidences (Artegal
*and* Scudamore? Come on!)

DWJ was very pleased about the kids christened Tanamoril (some lucky kid in
Germany) and Tanaqui. 

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