DWJ touring

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Fri Oct 20 09:08:02 EDT 2000

Yah, Jennifer... a tour when she was in a neck cast but not actually unable
to travel. She was in London for a big convention about when _Deep Secret_ was
due, and stepped out to Forbidden Planet. She needed to be back at the con 
before the book delivery could come near the place. So *my* copy is unsigned
to this day.

She went through a bad patch a little while ago, and I received occasional 
health-of-Diana updates from a wonderful person who knows DWJ much better than
me (and has had occasion to thank her better than me, too - I've only ever 
managed the TH White book, really). I think this other person lives in Bristol,
though I've only ever met kir elsewhere... The start of DWJ's back trouble is 
documented in her About the Author piece, now in full on the official site.
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