DWJ in London

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Fri Oct 20 08:58:51 EDT 2000

[disastrous _Deep Secret_ travel jinx]
+ She was in London and I missed it?!? Curse!!!! Many swearwords!!!!! *Please*
+ tell me this was on a workday and I couldn't have gone anyway, or I may get
+ upset. :{

It probably was a workday. Er. I don't really have a time-sense (some day I
*will* send Hallie and kids some nice chocolate, and post that pristine copy of
_Ancient Light_ to P. Belben, but I've only just bought the squishy eyeball sac
for Matt Bishop)... so, for assurance sake, definitely yes. er. Weekday, yes.

hey, if you're passing Forbidden Planet, ask if they're getting her back again?
Please, Jennifer. Pretty please? I don't pass through London often enough...
last time was on the way to the Hebrides, and I merely found out that I'd be
missing Dave McKean signing his tarot book (with the wonderful physalis-
Emperor, and the Moon that *so* reminds me of Gene Wolfe's Moon verse in _The 
Computer Iterates the Greater Trumps_). I shall call Laura Cecil (Diana's agent)
about the tour - I'm less in awe of her.

When I got up the nerve to make a "business" phone call to DWJ's house on Sunday
8th October (I needed to check if she was well enough to travel again, because
the SF society in Oxford has me as author liaison), she mentioned that she was
doing dutiful travelling for the publishers who were kindly reprinting every
book (yay!), but that she was having to rest up afterwards - it was taxing.

So I quickly gabbled that we wouldn't dream of injuring her in our own
interests, but if she ever felt it would be a pleasure not a painful thing,
could she let me know? [I hate phones and I am always an utter twit on them
- why didn't I *ask* about the promotional Tour]. And I gabbled a bit about the
Dalemark reprints and the specialised Guides to Dalemark in the back, and how
I liked the slightly naughty "Hotter than Potter" labels.

For the record, DWJ always intended the Guide to be particular, and not to be
crammed in the back of the novel... since there's hints of stuff outside the
novels so far in there. And she was understandably reluctant to comment on
the "hotter than potter" labels. 

Tanaqui, suffering from author-awe *&* telephobia 
         None of you fearful about being a twit at DWJ could possibly be
         quite as stupidly dumb as I am on a telephone.
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