Mitt and Maewen

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Fri Oct 20 05:03:18 EDT 2000

Her travel jinx hit the books. We (Eleanor Joslin and I, of the Oxford DWJ
fanatics) got to London and _Forbidden Planet_ and there was exactly one
copy of _Deep Secret_ on the signing table. I grabbed it. The store people
said there was a lorryful on the way. I held onto it, and paid for it. DWJ
sat about drinking coffee as increasingly desperate communications were
exchanged between the bookshop and the lorry-despatch-publishers' house. The
book was being officially released the next weekend, so we couldn't hit the
Shaftesbury book zone for it.
A queue of DWJ fans asked her questions until she finally withdrew
from the scene.
No books made it to the signing. And Eleanor and I were honour-bound to have
the book signed for the missing Third fanatic of Oxford, Mallet. |-)

She was in London and I missed it?!? Curse!!!! Many swearwords!!!!! *Please*
tell me this was on a workday and I couldn't have gone anyway, or I may get
upset. :{
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