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Thu Oct 19 22:02:00 EDT 2000

+ > Mary Ann - it was a long time ago, but the critical-writing
+ > sister is Isobel
+ Thanks! Do you happen to know her last name as well?

er, no. Another thing to ask (Have you read _Till We Have Faces_?, what's
this about Tanaqui's illiteracy? - & send the baby pics of Tanaqui Meyer if 
I have them by then -, what's Isobel's surname now? are the publishers causing
you to appear in London or Oxford on this promotional tour?)

TWhF is my favourite book by C.S. Lewis. It's extraordinarily free of Christian
cant, and quite beautiful. I wouldn't dare ask DWJ, but for the fact that 
I know she didn't know there was a fifth book after the main four of TH
White's _Sword in the Stone_ set... it's a recapitulation of #1, but that
is part of the point of some mediaeval fantasy - circling texts. I had the 
pleasure of supplying her with a copy at the doomed signing of _Deep Secret_.

Her travel jinx hit the books. We (Eleanor Joslin and I, of the Oxford DWJ
fanatics) got to London and _Forbidden Planet_ and there was exactly one
copy of _Deep Secret_ on the signing table. I grabbed it. The store people
said there was a lorryful on the way. I held onto it, and paid for it. DWJ
sat about drinking coffee as increasingly desperate communications were
exchanged between the bookshop and the lorry-despatch-publishers' house. The
book was being officially released the next weekend, so we couldn't hit the
Shaftesbury book zone for it.

A queue of DWJ fans asked her questions until she finally withdrew gracefully
from the scene.

No books made it to the signing. And Eleanor and I were honour-bound to have
the book signed for the missing Third fanatic of Oxford, Mallet. |-)

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