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Wed Oct 18 13:40:24 EDT 2000

Nat wrote, replying to my message:
>2. In college especially, I used books as a divination device (a     
>friend talented at Tarot was also helpful). It worked all right...   
>Thomas's reply to Polly in FIRE AND HEMLOCK about "not noticing how  
>silly you feel" was an especially potent one at one point.           

That was one of the examples I thought of when I was thinking about this
idea of books and messages.  I think that is one of the wisest things I
have ever read in a book, and one of the most helpful pieces of advice I
have ever heard.  I read over that section a lot.  The thought of messages
in books guiding you, or seeming particularly strong during certain
moments of one's life really popped into my head while I was reading the
YOtG ) or as I think of it now, the Book to Be Discussed Friday).  There's
a lot in that book that seemed particularly and peculiarly relevant to me
as I was reading it.

Thanks to Dorian for all those books you mentioned with Halloween scenes.
Off to the public library's homepage to request many, many books...


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