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> >Gill
> My current heroine is called Jilly! She's a rewrite, first created 4 years
> ago, but just sold (the novel, not the girl!) last month. It's weird,
> because I modelled Jilly's appearance on my daughter's at the time of
> writing, and now Jilly is still 12 while Tegan is 16.  Takes me back to
> time *before* the five earrings, one eyebrow ring and two tattoos.....

LOL! My Frances has just hit 13, so I can sympathise - I face the next few
years with dread.

"Tegan" - from Dr Who?

> Appropos of which - my James is turning 20 on 17th October (that's today
> tomorrow, depending on where you are). He's been away (in the RAAF) for
> nearly 2 years and just today I found a scrap of paper covered with his
> handwriting... some kind of mathematical formulae, I think. I keep
> he ought to be here, somewhere... maybe in the next room.
> Now I'm getting mawdlin and I haven't even been drinking.

It's OK, we don't mind.


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