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Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Oct 17 23:50:53 EDT 2000

>Her tats are really cool.  But I'm a touch worried; in this country, at
>least, no reputable tattoo artist will do you if you're under 18 - and you
>said your daughter is only 16.  Is it different in Australia?  Please tell
>me it is, because if she went to dodgy tatto studios - eek!

No reputable tat artist will do anyone under 18 without signed parental
permission. In this case,, I made the appointment and saw the artist's
accreditation, then accompanied Teg and watched the operation. The artist
runs a clean studio and splashed so much disinfectant about I reckon he's
cleaner than most surgeons! He also gives follow-up advice. Teg's tats
healed quickly and perfectly and have given no trouble at all. Don't worry,
I would have called a halt if it had looked at all shonky.


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