Laurel (the character) (Was: Re: Names)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Tue Oct 17 15:16:30 EDT 2000

Melissa wrote:
>You know, I rather like Laurel.  She's the bad guy, but she's not evil--just
>totally alien.  She's cruel, but fair (in both senses).  It hints at a whole
>realm of Faerie that we never see except in the glimpses of Laurel's life.

I tried to resist doing this, but, do you _really_, Melissa?  I find Laurel
totally evil, largely because she feels so very unalien to me.  I know
she's the Queen of Faerie and all, but I suppose she seems so like a lot of
people that I always think of her as human - in all the worst ways.  That
belief that one is entitled, because of being prettier, richer, having
achieved more, is frighteningly prevalent at the moment in my experience.
And fair?  Only when she sets the rules so that she'll win - or when she's
playing with other people's money, as Christopher says in The Perilous

OOH, I'd agree with everything you said if it were applied to the Lady in
The Perilous Gard...

Hallie - who hopes you'll appreciate how carefully she's avoided that
"dis-" word, which ends with a double e ;-)

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