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Tarja Rainio vierran at
Tue Oct 17 12:25:33 EDT 2000

Several people have contributed all kinds of names, so I thought I would
send you some Finnish names as well. Here's just a random selection picked
from my calendar. You can figure out how they are pronounced =) (I tried to
pick ones that might not prove *too* difficult to English speakers). One
hint is, that j is always pronounced like the beginning sound in young, i.e.
Finnish j is equivalent to English y.

Rauni, Sari, Silva, Erja, Eira, Mervi, Pinja, Else, Senja, Auri, Vuokko,
Viivi, Vieno, Janika, Janita, Heli, Laila

Aaro, Turo, Lari, Olli, Lauri, Lasse, Miro, Kuisma, Vesa, Severi, Aimo,
Atte, Sampsa, Karri, Sulo, Jorma, Jarmo


p.s. I'm sorry if this comes to you twice. My ISP's mail server seems to be
having some problems.

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