Names--Zoe & Josh

gross argross at
Tue Oct 17 09:10:48 EDT 2000

> Sally:
> > My current heroine is called Jilly! She's a rewrite, first created 4
> > ago, but just sold (the novel, not the girl!) last month. It's weird,
> > because I modelled Jilly's appearance on my daughter's at the time of
> > writing, and now Jilly is still 12 while Tegan is 16.  Takes me back to
> > time *before* the five earrings, one eyebrow ring and two tattoos.....

My daughter Zoe is 18, nearly 19, and also sports a tattoo and various
piercings--tongue, librette and belly. She's become a true blue goth. Thank
goodness I'm tolerant.....

Re the name Zoe, when she was born, it was quite an unusual name, but now
there seem to be more of them. Her full name is Zoe Leah. We called our son
Joshua--Josh for short--which we thought was reasonably uncommon back then
(he's now 15) but now every second boy in his year level is called


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