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Tue Oct 17 04:09:30 EDT 2000

Cara - glad to have your contribution to the list! Hope to see you around 
more often!

There are some notoriously bad names in Hebrew, that came about when people 
were trying to revive the Hebrew language and be orginal about names. The 
ones that always come up in conversations of this sort are three brothers 
who were named Zerem, Hashmal and Amud, which translates to Flow, 
Electricity and Post - their father was enamoured of electricity. Even more 
unfortunate is their last name, Freyer - Sucker.

Then there's the girl, of my generation, who as legend would have it was 
named Nitzat-Etz-Hatapuach-Haochezet-Beanaf-Etz-Hashaked: 
Frond-of-the-Apple-Tree-Grasping-a-Branch-of-the-Almond-Tree. Which is 
actually quite a pretty name, just a trifle long.

And I have met girls with the surnames of Frankfurter and Hamburger.

Then there are names that sound fine in Hebrew but terrible in other 
languages, like that of a T.V. personality here: Guy Penis. (To be fair, I 
think he spells it Pines, but that's not how it's pronounced...)

Lizzie: I know the phenomenon you described. When I first read "The Lion the 
Witch and the Wardrobe", I thought it was about a girl named Lucky who went 
to visit a country named Narinia.
I was six when I read the book, and I had to keep running to my mother to 
ask her "what's THIS word, mommy?" - I was amused to find a son of friends 
of ours doing about the same thing at the same age, and he too grew into a 
voracious bookworm.
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