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Sally Odgers sodgers at
Mon Oct 16 20:32:48 EDT 2000

>I think I am very glad to not be sixteen any more.

Oh, I think Teg rather likes it! She's attractive and fairly healthy
(diabetic and prone to migraines, but she manages!) and attracts friends of
both sexes, so she's OK. Yes, I know being attractive shouldn't matter much,
but evidently it helps when you're 16.

>I was curious when I first read this, and now am even more so now that
>I've read Paul's response.  Is there a history to the name Tegan?  It's

There are quite a few in Australia. It's either Welsh or generally Celtic,
according to name books, and means either "doe" or "beautiful". It may not
be a genuinely "old" name, though most books seem to accept it. Its use in
Australia stems from "Tegan Jovanka", the character Janet Fielding (an
Aussie actress) played in Dr Who!

>So if, next April, I flew to Australia and spent my birthday there, and
>then flew home overnight, I could have two birthdays.  Sorry.  I guess you
>can tell I'm the kind of person who really does get excited about toilets
>flushing the other way in the southern hemisphere.

er - I've always lived here and it seems normal to me.

> He's been away (in the RAAF) for
>He hasn't even been home for a visit?

Yes, he gets a few days off in December, so we hope he'll be able to come
home. (It's a long, long way to where he's stationed. About 1500 km as a
crow flies.)

>Cheer up, Sally--I'd tell you a joke if I could think of one, but I
>can't.  (I'm also the kind of person who has to fix things, be it
>cheering someone up or finding them a public restroom
>quickly.)  Maybe this'll help: we'll start
>discussing YotG soon :>; um, is that on my october twentieth or yours?

Yours, I think... And I'm OK. He calls home regularly.

Say hi to your mother for me! Sallys of my age in Aus are always "Sally".
The Sarahs are all at least ten years younger.


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