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Mon Oct 16 16:27:14 EDT 2000

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Sally Odgers wrote:

> >> like fish gills, but at least I say it aloud jill.
> >I should be grateful for small mercies.<g>
> >
> >Gill

I'm sorry, I'm sorry!  I try to think it right, but sometimes it's
hard.  Don't you ever get words twisted in your head, and then you have to
fight to untwist them?  For instance, the first time I read Patricia
Wrede's Dealing With Dragons, I went through the entire book thinking that
Cimorene was actually Cimerone.  It was quite a shock to find out in the
next book that I'd been wrong.  Now, when I want to remember the
character's name, I have to go through this convoluted process involving
the parakeet I named Cimerone.  I'm not going to even tell you about the
complicated process by which I tell my left from my right. <g>
 > > 

> My current heroine is called Jilly! She's a rewrite, first created 4 years
> ago, but just sold (the novel, not the girl!) last month. It's weird,
> because I modelled Jilly's appearance on my daughter's at the time of
> writing, and now Jilly is still 12 while Tegan is 16.  Takes me back to the
> time *before* the five earrings, one eyebrow ring and two tattoos.....
I think I am very glad to not be sixteen any more.
I was curious when I first read this, and now am even more so now that
I've read Paul's response.  Is there a history to the name Tegan?  It's

> Appropos of which - my James is turning 20 on 17th October (that's today or
> tomorrow, depending on where you are).
So if, next April, I flew to Australia and spent my birthday there, and
then flew home overnight, I could have two birthdays.  Sorry.  I guess you
can tell I'm the kind of person who really does get excited about toilets
flushing the other way in the southern hemisphere.

 He's been away (in the RAAF) for
> nearly 2 years and just today I found a scrap of paper covered with his
> handwriting... some kind of mathematical formulae, I think. I keep thinking
> he ought to be here, somewhere... maybe in the next room.

He hasn't even been home for a visit?
> Now I'm getting mawdlin and I haven't even been drinking.
> Sallyo.

Cheer up, Sally--I'd tell you a joke if I could think of one, but I
can't.  (I'm also the kind of person who has to fix things, be it
cheering someone up or finding them a public restroom
quickly.)  Maybe this'll help: we'll start
discussing YotG soon :>; um, is that on my october twentieth or yours?


p. s.  
here's a little coincidence for you--I'm almost twenty and I've got a
mother called Sally.  Sarah to most people but Sally to some.  I think I
shall send her an email. :^)

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