Amazon Summary of Homeward bounders - Political correctness

Nat Case ncase at
Mon Oct 16 12:07:08 EDT 2000

>>Kyra wrote
>>>  So, in eager anticipation of maybe being able to order a copy of HB from
>>>, I went over to see when it would be available.  And I
>>>  happened to see the one reader review given there, wherein the writer
>>>  suggested that certain sections of the book could be considered
>>>  politically incorrect, and that s/he hoped these sections would not be cut
>>>  or changed in the new copy.  I'm a bit baffled here.  Do you people have
>>>  any idea what was un-PC about HW?  Am I being deeply stupid or un-PC
>>  > myself in not instantly realizing?
>I'm guessing it's "oomera-woomera"-land. Stereotypical savages, if 
>you're not paying close attention to how she twists the stereotype 
>around on itself.

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