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Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Mon Oct 16 02:23:56 EDT 2000

My problem with _Dark Lord of Derkholm_ was that I've read a lot of fantasy.
Also, I am fundamentally subversive/a lover of freedoms.

The _Tough Guide_ seemed depressingly familiar, and as I read _Dark Lord_, 
it was all too appallingly clear to me that real people were being constrained
to live in rigidly-defined theme-park parameters.

This, for once, is DWJ showing us people waking up and developing the distrust
of authority which is usually a given in her books. I don't find it as fun as
the dazzling reverses she can manage when reality isn't contractually confined. 

When DWJ does write a sequel, it's never the "and their lives panned out like
this" follow-on that we readers could extrapolate from the text. hooray! Mind 
you, I don't know why people thought it might be a griffin other than Elda who 
goes to the University: not only is there the decade already mentioned to 
consider (though what's wrong with being a mature student, I don't know), 
there's also the mention in _Dark Lord_ of her being the one who's good at 
learning things.

And it wouldn't be a new griffin created with Querida in mind... Derk has 
moved on to winged humans (and might even do the mermaid at some point).

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