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Mon Oct 16 01:53:05 EDT 2000

I like dual-gender names: Lee, Robin, Alex, Marian, Chris, Kay, Jo, Bobbie,
Merle, Jay, Pat, Sam, Kim, Kit, Kelly, Tracy, Sasha, Vivian, Morgan, Vic, Sal
and Ashley.

Frances/Francis, Lesley/Leslie and Billy/Billie often become ambiguous.

Published in the UK's _Independent_ newspaper on Tue 21 Sep, (not this year, 
not last year, but probably sometime in the '90s. Er) were some American girls'
names from the 30s and 40s, as originally spelt:

Chlorine, Faucette, Halloween, Hygiene, Iceyphobia, Larceny, Vasoline, Lust.

Tanaqui (who has been mistaken for a male writer by non-DWJ readers)
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