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Sun Oct 15 22:39:18 EDT 2000

> Visit-the-infidel-with-pamphlets :)
> Eilyk
Exactly what I was thinking.  Only, um, I think there's another word in
Visit-the-Infidel-With-Explanatory-Pamplets.  And my favorite, I think,
is Visit's friend, Smite-the-Unbeliever-with-Cunning-Arguments.  I chortle
every time I see it.  (At least, I think I do.  Watch chortle turn out to
be some strange
variety of Greek soup.)

> >
> >My Mom and Becca were talking about the discussion on names and I found
> >funny ones in my Horrible Histories books.  These were really given to
> >children in Stuart times: Helpless, Fight-the-good-fight-of-faith,
> >Posthuma, Search-the-scriptures, and my personal favourite,
> >If-Christ-had-not-died-thou-hadst-been-damned.
> >
I looked up horrible histories out of curiousity, and they look very
interesting.  If you like those, there's another set of books you might
find appealing.  It's called Roman Aromas, and it's got companion books
called things like Moldy Mummies and Wartime Whiffs, and they're scratch
and sniff books about history.  I seem to remember that they answer the
age old question--what did people in the past use as toilet paper?

> >Here are some Victorian names:  Murder, Despair and Brained.
Brained.  As in hit over the head?  Or. . . what?  And why would you name
your kid Murder?

> >Cara.  (Becca's younger sister).
Good to hear from you.  Post again.  You, your mom, and your sister seem
to frequently make me laugh.  :^)

lizzie who is really truly going to work on her paper now. . . . . ;)

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