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Sat Oct 14 21:34:07 EDT 2000

Sheffield is having a literary festival at the moment. I've just been to 
see the film Hideous Kinky with a preliminary talk by Esther Freud 
(who wrote the original book). Good film, good talk, enthralling 
readings and a great night out. 

I happen to own a slightly battered first edition hardback of Hideous 
Kinky, so feeling a bit guilty for not buyiing the new book (well I've 
got to get YOG and Storm of Swords III this month() I asked her to 
sign it, which she did very nicely. 

The new book is called Wild. Its about the formation of a new 
stepfamily from the point of view of a girl who likes it and has a 
brother who doesn't. The bit she read was about a visit to to a 
farmhouse of born again wholefooders. All their six children are 
large, healthy and creamy skinned. The child narrator looks closely 
to see if she can detect any difference in the eldest who spent the 
longest part of his life eating burgers and crisps and watching tv.  
At this stage of the book the girls mother and the children are just 
lodgers. In the evening Andrew plays the guitar and sings to his 
children. The little girl longs to go into their bedroom and listen too. 
All his songs are sad except the one about being drunk. One night 
he plays to everyone and sings a love song. he keeps stumbling 
over one bit about the woman's beautiful black hair. His little girl 
whispers "When he used to sing it for Mum he didn't have to 
change the wwords because SHE had golden hair.   

Apologies for any inaccuracies in the above, its just how I 
remember it. One of the things that really impressed me about the 
reading was that for quite a long while I forgot I was in a cinema 
listening to someone read.


You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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