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Robyn said
> Dolly Duck. This reminds me of my friend Sharon who recently married a man 
> called Rick Squirell. Her mother in law said "don't change your name". She 
> said "why did you" and got the answer "because my maiden name was Vile".
Ho, Sharon Squirell! As for Dolly Duck, would you believe I'd never 
noticed....... she was always Auntie Dolly to me. Hmm the spelling 
of Auntie or Aunty makes a difference too. Among the family 
photos there's a particularly nice studio portrait of my Nana, her 
three sisters and my Great Grandad, Job Duck. Sadly you can't 
see one of the interesting things about Job -- he had three thumbs, 
all functional! The extra one grew from the same root as the main 
thumb, kind of curling round it. Apparently he had a phenomenal 
grip between the two thumb pads and once used this to drag a 
doctor across the room by the collar of his white coat, because the 
silly man had the temerity to suggest he should have the extra one 
removed. Of course at the age of forty, using his spare thumb as 
much as the other two it would have effectively disabled him. I think 
he demonstrated this to the Doctor rather well. These days I 
believe its common practice to amputate extra digits at birth and 
Job's story makes me wonder if they should. 


You are trapped in that bright moment where you learned your doom.
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