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Sat Oct 14 11:56:58 EDT 2000

Laurie asked...

> Speaking of recommendations, I'm in the mood for a book set
> around Halloween.  I want to re-read _A Night in the Lonesome October_,
> but I thought I would ask if there are other books, set in
> October and/or centering around Halloween that anyone would recommend.
> _Tam Lin_ has some scenes on Halloween, IIRC.

Yes, it has.  And given the list we're on, I assume "Fire and Hemlock" and
"Witch Week have occurred to you! :-)

Then there's "The Grey King", by Susan Cooper (part of the "Dark is Rising"
series):  "On the day of the dead, when the year too dies, must the youngest
open the oldest hills..."

Or "Blood Lines", by Tanya Huff (part of a loose-linked series about a PI, a
vampire and a policeman; it's dark urban fantasy/horror).

"Children of the Night" by Mercedes Lackey (urban fantasy, a bit dark,
involves a witch/romance writer, a vampire, and a bunch of "psychic

One or two of the Chalet School stories involve Halloween parties and the

And I seem to recall that (at least the two that I own of) Kate Thompson's
"Switchers" books ("Switchers" and "Midnight's Choice") take place around
that time of year (YA urban fantasy, about teenage shapeshifters in Dublin -
but published by Bodley Head).

Will that do you to be going on with? :-)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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