Amazon Summary of Homeward Bounders

Kyra Jucovy klj at
Sat Oct 14 00:53:05 EDT 2000

So, in eager anticipation of maybe being able to order a copy of HB from, I went over to see when it would be available.  And I
happened to see the one reader review given there, wherein the writer
suggested that certain sections of the book could be considered
politically incorrect, and that s/he hoped these sections would not be cut
or changed in the new copy.  I'm a bit baffled here.  Do you people have
any idea what was un-PC about HW?  Am I being deeply stupid or un-PC
myself in not instantly realizing?


It was quite an arduous process, but among us all we have finally
eliminated (I think) all the transatlanticisms.  Cars have boots again
instead of trunks, and so on.  The American way always makes me think
Americans see cars as elephants running backwards very fast.

---Diana Wynne Jones on un-Americanizing my beloved _Archer's Goon_, at

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