Humor (Bagthorpes) & Halloween

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Fri Oct 13 15:32:46 EDT 2000

A while ago I asked for some funny books and many people responded (thanks
again!)  A lot of people recommended the Bagthorpe books.  I just finished
reading the first one, _Ordinary Jack_, and it was hilarious.  I kept
getting strange looks as I was sitting in my office laughing every five
minutes or so.  I have to get to the library to get the rest of them.
Thanks for the recommendation.  I also read "The Eye of Argon," one of the
most entertainingly bad stories I've read in a long time. I'm starting
"The Fact in the Frost" next, another humor recommendation, and I have a
long list of others after that.

Speaking of recommendations, I'm in the mood for a book set
around Halloween.  I want to re-read _A Night in the Lonesome October_,
but I thought I would ask if there are other books, set in
October and/or centering around Halloween that anyone would recommend.
_Tam Lin_ has some scenes on Halloween, IIRC.


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