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Fri Oct 13 01:04:19 EDT 2000

> who's ever heard of a Gill or Gillian as a heroine?
> Gill

Umm.  I have to say that only one thing comes to
mind--Gil(bert) Blythe, Anne of Green Gables' husband.
 Maybe that's why Americans have trouble with your
name sometimes, because that's one of the few times
we've seen the name Gil/Gill.  Though I think that
people have become a bit better about that since
Gillian Anderson rolled around.  I still think it gill
like fish gills, but at least I say it aloud jill.


I'm a truckin' redneck and I just refuse to die I was built big and strong on the state's best apple pie
I'm better than them limey pin-heads in Europe-y
12 gauge in their back, hell would stop their mopin'
I'm a truckin' red stop and I...just refuse to die 
You're're never gonna die!

          --graham coxon for aj

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