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> One of the interesting trends today (at least
> where I live) is taking common names and twisting the spellings a bit to
> make them stand out. Sometimes for me it can be a little disconcerting
> until I get used to it. I once knew a Megn, a Genphr, and a Saruh.
blech. I hate this trend. It's mostly because weird spellings tend to look
ugly; there's also the huge annoyance of always having to tell people how
to spell your name. All the name books that I've read (at least the good
ones) suggest nevernevernever making up your own spelling of a common
name, especially with there are already perfectly good alternatives. For
example, since there's Catherine, Katharine, Katherine, and Kathryn, all
of which are lovely and have slightly different feels to them, why name
your daughter Kathrynne? (ugh) I think if you want your kid to have an
unusual name, pick an unusual name, not an unusual spelling.

And I've always liked "Laurie" better than "Lori," which seems immensely
80s to me.

"A myth is a religion in which no one any longer believes."
        	--James Feibleman

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